Rock Paper Scissors Events (formerly Treasure Hunt Tours)
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Rock Paper Scissors Custom Events | FAQs

Q: How much do our custom parties and hunts cost?  

A: Our scavenger hunts and parties start at $60 per person. We require a minimum of 8 participants for team events. Special requests (such as a proposal) will be estimated upon request. For corporate rates and team building please call or fill out our enquiry form.

Q: How long do your scavenger hunts and mystery parties last?  

A: The hunt itself lasts 1.5 hours, then another 30 minutes is needed to score each team and announce the winners. Hunts usually end at a restaurant where your guests can then eat, drink and be merry! We plant the clues in your home or venue of choice. Once everyone is in character our mystery parties are just over 1 hour to keep it fresh and exciting for the group.

Q: Do your parties include food?  

A: Food is not included in the price per person, but we are excellent at recommending or negotiating with a restaurant of your choice to secure special pricing.

Q: How much lead-time is needed to plan a custom hunt or party? 

A: We recommend a minimum of two weeks to ensure every detail is just right. If a shorter lead-time is needed, we can usually accommodate the request, but each situation is different and we’ll evaluate based on your particular needs.

Q: How many guests are allowed or recommended? 

A: For team events, we recommend at least two teams of five people each. There is really no upper limit because we simply create more teams and stagger start times to accommodate all guests.

Q: Do guests need to arrive early? 

A: No, but we highly encourage everyone to be on time! We get participants up to speed quickly as a group and we wouldn’t want anyone to miss this important pre-hunt info.

Q: What should guests bring? 

A: As little as possible so their hands are free to gather items and participate in the hunt. They should dress appropriately for the weather and if it looks like rain, raincoats and umbrellas would be a good idea!

Q: Do you have any add-ons that will enhance my event? 

A: Yes, we offer super swag that is selected and custom designed for your guest of honor or organization (pricing varies). For a nominal fee, we can also handle the invitations and RSVPs if you can provide us with a list of your guests’ email addresses upon booking.

Q: Do you sell Gift Certificates? 

A: Yes! What do you give someone with everything? A completely unique experience they’ve never had before and memories they’ll keep forever!

Q: Do you offer Corporate Team Building Events, Group (30+) discounts, or treasure hunts for up to 100 people?  

A: Absolutely! Give us a call and we will set up your custom event, tailored to your company or organization.

Q: Can people of differing ages and abilities participate? 

A: Treasure Hunt Tours are an active, outdoor activity and could present some challenges for those with reduced mobility. However, we want everyone to be able to experience the joy of a treasure hunt so we will work with you to figure out a way that everyone can participate in some way.

Q: Where do your Treasure Hunt Tours and mystery parties take place? 

A: We are based in New Canaan, Connecticut and hold most of our tours downtown. However, there is no geographical limit to where we can plan a treasure hunt! We will use our detective skills to get up to speed quickly with anyplace you’d like to host a hunt — we’ll simply add travel expenses to your event cost.

Q: How do I book a Treasure Hunt Tour or mystery party?  

A: Call Chief Inspector Rachel at (203) 970-8432 or Chief Inspector Kristen at (203) 505-1107 and we’ll put your event on the calendar! We require a 50% deposit to start creating the magic of your hunt.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept? 

A: We accept checks or credit cards.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: We do not provide refunds for issues out of our control such as foul weather or unplanned business closures. However, if the weather makes participation infeasible we will give you credit for your hunt and reschedule it to a future date.